To be allowed to enter, and settle, and stay on the camping, an authorization is requested from the office. That has the obligation to control the good behaviour and order on the camping and also the strict respect of these inside statements. Resting on the camping means to agree with this inside statements and respect it. It is impossible to have permanent address on the camping.
Because of the law N° R611-35, the campsite has to fill for each foreigner an individual document, with his full name, address, date and place of birth, nationality. Children under 15 can be on the same document of one parent.
The tent or caravan and the settlements have to be located on the exact pitch attributed by the office.
In July and August, the office is open from 9h00 till 21h00. In April, May, June, September, and October the office is open from 9h00 till 12h00 and from 14h00 till 18h00 and is closed on Monday. At the office will be available all the information on the camping’s services, on the shopping facilities nearby, on sport equipment nearby, on the touristic sites of the region and various addresses needed. It is also organized to collect suggestions at the office.
The present inside statements are boarded at the entrance of the campsite, and at the office. It can be given at any request. For the campsites agreed with stars, the category which mentioned tourism or leisure, and the number of pitches in leisure or tourism are boarded. All the prices are communicated to customers, according to the prescriptions of ministry of consumers, and available at the office.
Customers have to pass by the office one day before their departure. Those who plan their departure before the office’s opening have to pay al the fees one day before at least.
Settlers of the camping have to avoid any noise and discussions which could disturb neighbors. Noisy appliances have to be set in order not to disturb, including closing car doors, and trunks. Dogs and others animals must never be set free. They also must not be left on the campsite, even closed in, without the presence of their master.
After being allowed by the office, the visitors are under the responsibility of their hosts. Settlers can receive visitors at the office. The services offered by the campsite are also offered to the visitors, but it can be charged according to a price boarded at the office. Visitor’s cars are prohibited on the camping.
Inside the camping, vehicles must go on a very slow speed. Traffic is authorized between 8h00 and 23h00. Only vehicles which belong to settlers of the camping are allowed inside. Car parking inside of the camping is forbidden, except when there is a specific place on the pitch. Cars must not disturb other settlers, or traffic.
Any act that could damage the hygiene, cleanness and the general aspect of the cam- ping and its equipment, especially sanitary is strictly forbidden. Spilling used waters on the campground is forbidden, they must be emptied into the specific installations. Trash must be thrown in the garbage cans. Washing has to be done in the specific ins- tallations. Drying laundry can be done eventually on specific installations, but is also tolerated on the pitch up till 10h00 only if it does not disturb the neighbors, using trees or hedges for it, is forbidden. Plantations and flowers must be respected. It is forbidden to put nails on trees, cut branches or to have personal plantations. Making new limits on the pitch with personal effects, or digging holes is forbidden. Any damage will be charged. At the end of the stay, the pitch must be returned as it was.
a) Fire: Fires are forbidden. Gas stoves must be kept in good shape, and not be used in dangerous conditions. In case of fire, immediately report at the office. Fire extinguishers are available, and a first aid kit is at the office.
b) Rubbery: The camping is responsible of the goods kept at the office, and has a general obligation of looking after everything on the campground. Nevertheless, the settler remains responsible of his belongings, has to report any strange behavior, and need to preserve his belongings.
No violent or disturbing game can be organized. A special meeting room can be used for noisy games. Children must at any time be under the care of their parents.
An installation or general goods can be left on a pitch, only with the agreement of the camping, and a special fee is required for it, wich is called: «pitch for parking only»
If a resident would disturb others, or disrespect any rule of this inside statements, the camping will obligate the disturber to stop the troubles. In case of serious or repeated troubles, the camping could cancel the rent contract, if necessary with the help of police in case of law breaking.


1)- Anyone that wants to stay in the campground has to justify of a fix residence by presenting identification. For admission it is necessary to present an identification document that mention a valid residence address. Our campground is reserved for a tourism and leisure clientele. Therefore, those who use their caravan as a permanent home can’t be admitted.
2)- If an extra person who is not inscribed is found by the camping on a pitch, this one will be considered staying from the beginning of the stay of that pitch, and the price will be re calculated.
3)- Even if the campground is being looked after, the settler has to keep general pre- cautions for his belongings. The camping is not responsible of rubbery or damaging of personal effects. The settler remains responsible of his goods, and his behavior that could be harmful to others. Any damage caused will be charged to the person who did it or his parents for minors. The camping will not be responsible for any damages. The campsite has some woods, and even if the trees are regularly main- tained, they or other elements of the nature as insects or storms can cause damages. About this matter, on certain pitches, when the weather is hot, it is necessary to be protected from the fall of sap of pine, problem that the camping can’t take care of. By being responsible of their behavior, our clientele has to always look upon them- selves or their goods, and report to the office of the camping anything that could be dangerous. At any time, the settler has to be able to show his insurance contract which covers his vacations and belongings, and damages that he could cause. As long as the games and the pool are not being looked upon, the camping will not be responsible of any accident.
4)- Children under legal age of 18, as residents or visitors, are not accepted, if not with their parents.
5)- The games and the pool are not watched by the camping organization, therefor we decline any responsibility in case of accident. At the pool, it is forbidden to dive, jump in the water, run, smoke, play with a ball, eat, drink, and wear bathing shorts.
6)- Our swimming pools have no life guard supervision. Children or adolescents minors of age have to be under the supervision of their parents. We decline any responsibility in case of accident. Our inside and outside swimming pools have a capacity of 170 and 270 persons. They are open from 10 am till 8 pm in July and August, and from 10 am till 6 pm in April – May – June – September and October. Any act or behaviour that could disturb others, or disrespect the cleanliness is forbidden. Wearing a bathing suit is the rule, bathing shorts are tolerated, any other type of clothes like pants or t-shirt are forbidden. Animals are forbidden. Passing by the shower and the footbath are mandatory. It is forbidden to enter with shoes on. The access of our pools is not permitted to persons with skin or contagious diseases, neither to persons that are obviously dirty. It is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke, chew chewing-gum, spit, and leave trash. Young children will be accepted only if they are clean or wear a special swimming dipper. It is the responsibility of everyone to maintain the place clean and in order. As for the rest of the campsite, the entrance of the pools is strictly reserved to our customers and there are controls. Around the pools it is forbidden to run, dive, jump in the water, throw others in the water, shout, throw water, simulate a drowning, be noisy or brutal and disturb others, to play with a ball, to use a float, climb on the rocks or the fences. As the rest of the campsite, the entrance of the swimming pool is strictly reserved to our clientele, and is controlled. In order to make it easier for our security service, our clients have to wear a special bracelet. Breaking any of these rules will lead to an immediate exclusion of the swimming pools.
7)- It is not allowed to change pitch without the office’s authorization.
8)- Dogs or other animals can’t cause any troubles for others, their masters have to clean behind them. They have to never be left loose, or even locked in without their masters, who are considered responsible. Animals must be tattooed, wear a neck chain with the name address and phone of the master, be insured, and vaccinated with the proof of it at any request. The sanitary are strictly forbidden to animals. Dogs of first and second categories are not accepted.
9)- Silence must be complete between 23 H and 8 H, and the gates of the camping will be closed and traffic forbidden inside. If exceptionally a vehicle needed to leave the campground at night with a serious reason, the guard would let it pass. In case someone needed to come settle after 23h00 or before 8h00, a special pitch at the entrance of the campground could be used. A parking is available at the entrance for those who go out and come back at night.
10)- Only the vehicles belonging to settlers can be accepted inside. Caravans with double set of wheels are not accepted. Visitors are not admitted between 23h00 and 6h00.
11)- In the campsite, many people including children are walking on the streets, therefore drivers must be very careful, and remain responsible of their behaviour. Inside the campsite people walking or bicycles have priority over cars, and the speed limit is 10 km/h.
12)- Inside of the campsite, it is forbidden to walk barefoot, and mandatory to wear shoes that don’t slide, except around the pool where it is necessary to keep from sliding, falling, and to watch not stepping on any harming or cutting object.
13)- Accesses to back office, workshop, or other private rooms are strictly forbidden, as well as using the camping tools and vehicles.
14)- Barbecues are tolerated under the condition that they have to be high enough, on feet, with permanently a bucket of water nearby. Also it is forbidden to smoke in our rentals. In case of non-respect of security rules, the campsite can obligate to stop the barbecue at any time, even considering the settler remains responsible of his acts.
15)- Camping Bel Air takes pictures and videos for its promotion, you can at your arrival let know your disagreement about their diffusion
16) – All the personal data are protected by law, CAMPING BEL AIR only collect personal data for its own needs. All the clients have the right of access, to modify or to block their personal data by writing a request signed with a copy of his ID card that reveal the signature and address in order to send an answer. No personal data collected by CAMPING BEL AIR is being published, exchanged, transferred, given or sold to any one or any structure. If CAMPING BEL AIR happened to be sold, the buyer would have the same duty regarding the clientele’s data.
17)- The campsite could also ask for a behaviour fine of 50,00€ per day, disconnected with any suing action, related to non-respecting of these inside statements. In order to cover such a fine, a 100,00€ behaviour deposit will be required upon arrival. For example: a resident who disturbs his neighbours will be fined after two warnings without reaction from the guardian, a resident who lets his pet pooh without cleaning, a resident who throws green wastes in the unappropriated bin.
18)- In case of non-respect of these inside statements, and after being asked by the campsite to stop such a behaviour, the settler will be expulsed.
19)- This present text «inside statements» and «general rent conditions» is only an approximate translation of the French one which is the only one to consider in case of disagreement.
Parents have to make sure that their children do not harm others or themselves.