Virtual visit

Immerse yourself in the world of Bel Air Camping

It feels like you are right there. By clicking on the virtual tour of the Bel Air camping ground, you will be able to visualise yourself in the alleys, at the restaurant or by the swimming pool. There's nothing like images to know exactly what's in store for you. No surprises in sight, nothing could be more realistic.

If you have booked a mobile home you can have an overview of it and visit it in order to plan your stay more effectively and know what to bring with you.

The virtual visit also allows you to re-experience the site with nostalgia after the holidays. It's a great way to talk to friends and family about your experience and share your memories with them. The virtual tour is an opportunity for them to participate. You feel as though you were walking and going through the alleys.

The advantages are numerous, whether for advertising, private purposes or as a matter of curiosity, everyone benefits.

A technological advancement that will not leave you indifferent!

Swimming Pool

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