Tides and your stay at Camping Bel Air 4 *

Large tidal coefficients are expected from Friday 15th of April to Tuesday 20th of April 2022. The opportunity to take the direction of Pornichet (and his wax) ..

What is the tide phenomenon?

During your family stay at Camping Bel Air Pornichet, your walk by the sea will be your daily ritual. Whether in the morning to reach the Pornichet market or in the evening to admire the Bonne Source beach sunset, these moments are magical. You will notice that the ocean is not at the same level at different times of the day, it's called the tides.

But what are the tides? Tides represent the displacement of the masses of waters of oceans and seas. In other words, we notice that the sea is sometimes high and sometimes low. The rhythm of this movement of water masses is every 6 hours. That is to say, when the tide is at its lowest level, it will be at its highest level after 6 hours.

It is also important to note that no tide is alike. So we ask ourselves, what is a tidal coefficient. The tidal coefficient indicates, for the full and low tide (high and low tide), the importance of the displacement of the body of water. For example, if we indicate a coefficient of 110, the sea will be very high, and we indicate a coefficient of 55, the sea will be very low.

Did you know ? The tide phenomenon is first and foremost continuous, it never stops. This phenomenon is provoked and regulated by the moon, the earth and the sun. How is it possible ?
The moon and the sun produce gravitational forces, which come to meet the earth, which itself accentuates these forces through its rotation. These forces regulate the tides, which are mainly present mainly on the oceans. The seas are only slightly affected by this phenomenon.

Various activities at sea in Pornichet

Thanks to the tides the activities are multiple according to the higher or lower coefficients.

During a low tide, take the opportunity to go fishing just a few steps from Camping Bel Air or on the large beach of La Baule by taking the train. Mussels, cockles, crabs (small crabs) or clams are many of the fauna of the foreshore that your toddlers will be delighted to discover in this vast natural environment during your holidays in Bay of La Baule. Moreover, our kids' club at the Bel Air Plage Beach Camping and Beach Club offers you once a week during the summer season this responsible fishing activity.
At high tide, when the weather is busy, admire the waves crashing on the beach or on the rocks on the side of the Pointe du Bé and the port of Pornichet just 10 minutes walk from your rental mobile home . Whatever the conditions, caution remains de rigueur!

The tide calendar, a tide indicator and a barometer are available at the reception.