Project 2016

2016 will be camping for a memorable date: first with respect to new, transformations, indeed major work is underway and 2016 is also an anniversary.
That makes eighty years that camping there. And to mark the occasion, a book will be published. Mr. Amato, owner of a mobile home has kindly agreed to share with you the history of camping Bel Air Pornichet. It is one of the oldest campsites in France located in the countries of the Loire in southern Britain. Its location, very close to sea and beach makes it a unique site.
Related stories will be there for you dear readers.
You will also learn that they were the steps of the campsite.
Everything will be also decorated with pictures retrieved right to left.
At the opening, we will put copies on sale at the campsite.
We hope to make an opening at the end of the work with businesses and those who are already on the ground.
Part of the work was planned for summer 2015, but administrative delays have forced us to postpone for one year and to concentrate all work on the winter 2015 -2016.
The time to realize all the changes is very short. Given this delay, it took everything move before the end of the season, drain all a bunker and then divide everything in order to keep close the most used things. Then the construction was ready to begin the closure of any camping early November.
The most spectacular part was undoubtedly the breakthrough blockhouses. Indeed, the campground has 8 blockhouse remaining of the war. Besides, Pornichet on the Atlantic coast in southern Brittany is full.
Given the width of the walls, a specialized team has been more than a month to extract huge chunks of which weighed ten tons. The machine was programmed to cut out for nine hours constantly cooled by water.
The existing pool was covered before 25 December leaning against a building in which there will be health, local storage for animation and technology.
Then everything inside the blockhouse was revised to receive the restaurant kitchen, the restaurant and its reserves and a grocery.
The input traffic was also amended in order to place the new pool between the restaurant and indoor pool. So, the entry will be behind the current home and a new opening has been drilled for this purpose to enter the office and another was scheduled to go to restaurant and grocery store
The leisure pool is composed of several areas for children with games and otherwise share for adults with bubbles to massage benches, whirlpools, swim a river against the current ...
Everything will be supervised by our new "Blue" mascot.
A wellness area will be added to the campsite over, you will go there to relax in the sauna you a makeover by making you comb or with a massage.
For all those who do not know us, discover in Loire-Atlantique, in southern Brittany this family campsite located 50 meters from a safe beach for children, monitored.