The Bidule of Pornichet, a mythical place!

Who does not know the Bidule de Pornichet?
The Bidule located near the station in the center of Pornichet, is an institution for the premises of the Presqu'île de Guérande, that tourists vacationing with us at Camping Bel Air Pornichet.
All occasions are good to meet with friends around a Bidule after a day lazing or visits to La Baule Bay. It is an intergenerational place where it is conducive to meet new people. The place does not resemble any other in the Presqu'île Guérandaise!
The Bidule is open daily from 10 am to 1:30 pm and at the end of the day from 5:30 pm to 8:45 pm.
With its red shutters, the wine cellar "Le Bidule" does not look like it but it would be difficult to pass by the place without noticing it. Once inside, we understand where the reputation of the place comes from. Customers come to the Bidule for an atmosphere, its decoration is remarkable by photos of basketball teams hung on the wall and vats of wine for decoration.
At the counter, the boss Monsieur Goderiaux has been in charge for 31 years now. His family bought the place in 1947 from a Spaniard who was selling port. The building, which dates from 1905, was, in the first place, a cafe.
Today, the place has become a unique place in Loire Atlantique and more particularly in the seaside resort of Baie de le Baule, where everyone comes to seek a moment of conviviality and relaxation.
Le Bidule is the rendezvous to take the aperitif with the good franquette, each one returns his sachet of savory cakes in order to be able to taste famous red wine or muscat around a barrel inside or on terrace. The waiters walk around a bottle holder by hand, so just lift their arms to serve you in the famous Duralex glasses, the trademark of the establishment.
What is the Bidule?
When asked about the meaning of the word "Bidule", the regulars know the answer, the novices are more perplexed. "The bidule is the artist's name of the Banyuls," explains Gilles Goderiaux, the boss. The Banyuls is a red wine, native of the Pyrenees-Orientales. "As people could not remember or pronounce the word, they asked us to use the" bidule "and it remained verbally.
Reminder: Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, to consume in moderation.
The concept seduces and no longer needs to make a reputation. The place has become a must!
It is mentioned in the guide of the backpacker.
So you know what else you have to do if you are passing through South Brittany to visit the Bay of La Baule or even on holiday at Camping Bel Air in Pornichet!