2016 Bel Air Show

Every summer, the Camping Bel Air team in Pornichet unites to prepare you a colorful show! It is with joy and good humor, and especially to thank you that the seasonal Campsite Bel Air come on stage every Friday.
The animators, receptionists, technicians and restaurant staff slipped into the shoes of one or more characters during the performances of the BEL AIR SHOW.
This BEL AIR SHOW 2016 was built around 2 characters "Chouchou and Loulou". Obviously, we are in a campsite, so it is a couple of vacationers who wonder where they will spend their next summer. During the show, these 2 characters will make multiple encounters through different paintings and will finally spend their holidays at Camping Bel Air in Pornichet.
The show begins with Chouchou and Loulou wondering about their next vacation. They decide to turn a globe and list the destinations between sketches and dance of the world (Tunisia, Russia, Spain, Cuba, Texas and Saint Tropez). The sudden idea of ​​leaving to La Baule closed this first scene.
The holidays of Chouchou and Loulou begin in the Royal Hotel of La Baule (prestigious hotel of great fame). Over the course of the discussion with the receptionist, the couple realized that the price of the room was not at all in their budget. A role-playing game is then set up between the couple and the hotel staff.
After their departure from the Royal Hotel, Chouchou and Loulou are desperately lost and seek at all costs accommodation for their holidays in La Baule. Hence many meetings were held; With an alcoholic, a prostitute, a group of Chinese tourists then a pervert, docked them in various humorous forms. A cop eventually put an end to all this chaos. This one interacts with spectators before stopping all the actors.
The couple of holidaymakers and the various characters encountered on the street are thus all in jail. The scene continues in song accompanied by Loulou on the guitar "Where is the Bel Air, where is it? "On the air of Christophe Maé.
The next scene takes place at the reception of Camping Bel Air. The pair of Chouchou and Loulou are distraught. The receptionist offers them to offer them a pitch and a tent. The support and sympathy of the public is therefore at the rendezvous during this scene. Once installed, the couple are left alone and an air of melancholy takes place. The couple finally launched the worst horrors through various musical occasions.
A couple of middle-class rented mobile homes becomes their neighbors during their stay. The two couples will thus interact in a humorous and sarcastic way on points that oppose them.
The last scene of the show takes place at the reception where customers come to express their dissatisfaction with the noise. The direction of Bel Air intervenes and all actors are set up for the final dance of Justin Timberlake.