Petanque at the campsite!

Within the Camping Bel Air located in Pornichet in southern Brittany, there is an activity throughout the season that monopolizes everyone, men, women, children from 7 to 90 years: it is petanque.
All are found around the grounds, the appointment is daily, just after the siesta in a good-natured atmosphere. There are even people who have come from outside for a long time.
The activity is taken very seriously because the concentration is at its maximum.
In high season the team goes up to a hundred players. They're all fighting for the first batch. The owners of mobile homes, they are there since the beginning of April, and they like to meet after lunch to "confront". The summer of other loyal customers come to supplement the number of players, are often the same regulars who come for years and participate in the national sport.
Pétanque has always been a very French entertainment that is raging from north to south. We have at Camping Bel Air the chance to have a person of great reputation in this field. He owned mobile homes for a very long time at Bel Air. In order not to name him, it is Monsieur BARRE who was president in Ille-et-Vilaine of the petanque committee. He received the money brochure for volunteer work. He was the founder of a club in Rennes, the club Saint Jacques. He has 41 years of license, 20 years of presidency and 30 arbitration.
That means if we were lucky to have it at the Bel Air in Pornichet. He has taught us how to practice pétanque at the campsite as well as advise us on landscaping.
So if you like playing balls, join us!