New Mobile-homes near the sea at Camping Bel Air

In South Brittany, in Loire-Atlantique Camping Bel Air is doing everything possible to improve its rental fleet.

Indeed, 22 top-of-the-range and modern mobile homes will be installed for rental on the part of the land closest to the sea. To facilitate their facilities, the campsite to buy a mini excavator to be autonomous. This mini excavator will also be very useful for dismantling motorhomes during the season and for other jobs. So since Monday, we can see in Pornichet the rounds of trucks in the city center with each two mobile homes on. It is a spectacle that does not escape the neighbors because the maneuvers take time, are impressive: first of all the unloading of the truck, after it is necessary to be able to store them without hampering the circulations in the alleys of the campsite.
At the end of the week when the 22 mobile homes are there, the other phase begins. That is to say the setting up, plus the calibration then. Each mobile home will be connected to mains drainage, water, electricity and lastly the terrace will be leaned back. Although the work remains less consistent than the previous year, it remains a dense project. You who come on holiday at the Camping Bel Air in rental you will not see it in the same way.
The team has been joined by others so that everything can be carried out as quickly as possible. Since Camping Bel Air is on the seafront, the mobile homes have been chosen to fit perfectly with nature and sand with wooden cladding. Their reinforced insulation will make them a very pleasant place to spend a very good holiday with as a bonus a reversible air-conditioning adapting to any type of time.
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