A Nice 2016 Season

All the Camping Bel Air Pornichet team thank you for this wonderful season with you.

The campsite is located close to the sea (50 meters) and close to one of the most beautiful bays of Europe (La Baule) in Loire-Atlantique, in southern Brittany, was a great success. The important work this year also contributed to this as well as time.

But like all good things must end and it must be said the holidays are over, the school has resumed. It's the end of the season 2016. As the summer of 1976, 2016 was marked by heat with occasional heat wave spikes. The pool area and the sea were therefore greatly appreciated to be able to cool off.

Holiday under the sun are always a great holiday, they allow to refuel energy to face the winter physically and mentally. The campsite has its best to you to leave shaped, well tanned, relaxed, full of memories that all our activities have also contributed greatly.

The late season remains dense thanks to the sun that is always present on the one hand and thanks to groups of all kinds who come to enjoy camping every weekend. The warm weather certainly less remains nevertheless very pleasant. And families come to visit us and enjoy the pool with the kids, or go fishing as we are in a period of high tides and close to the beach. So even in late autumn, the sea has an interest: resource is there. The fresh air invigorating and revitalizing participates for the winter. For those who are too far, go next year: take care of yourself, you are expected!